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              The antique blue brick tile is a building material of the dynasty that appeared in the ages. It is made of clay and has a blue-grey color. Clay is a product of some aluminosilicate minerals that have been weathered for a long time because of the viscosity. Super strong and named.



                The green brick tile can give people a sense of elegance, simplicity, calmness and tranquility; it has become one of the products that designers have pushed in recent years. Many of today's ancient buildings have a wide application to antique brick and tile, which has had a great impact on the development of China's construction industry.


         Judging from the thinking of the ancient yin and yang five elements in ancient China, the antique green brick and blue tiles are made of earth and should belong to the soil in the five elements.


          Five elements: one water, two fires, three oaks, four gold, five earth. The leeches run down, the fire sputum is on, the rafts are straight, the golden plaques are from the leather, and the soil is smashed. "The ancients said that "the soil and the crops" means that the soil has the function of planting and harvesting crops. It can be extended to the things that have the functions of biochemistry, bearing and storage. They should all belong to the soil, so they have "four lines of soil". And the saying that "the soil is the mother of all things", for the Chinese building with wood as the main material, the role played by the five elements of the earth is essential.


        At the same time, the operation of yin and yang is different in five different situations: the operation of gold is the condition of yang elimination, the wood is the condition of yin and yang, the water is the condition of heavy cathode, the fire is the limit of yang, and the soil is It is the condition of balance between yin and yang. The soil represents the smooth movement of the gas, so the antique blue bricks and tiles of the five elements of the earth can be used as a perfect transition for the internal and external diplomatic transformation of the building and the conversion of yin and yang.


               The influence of the yin and yang five elements on the antique green brick and blue tiles is indeed not small, which is why the blue brick and blue tiles are so popular!


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